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An understanding of the wider ethical, legal and social context of biomedicine is increasingly recognised as important to the practice of medicine and medical professional development. The Intercalated Honours programme in Bioethics, Law and Society will offer medical students an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of bioethical, legal and social science approaches to contemporary challenges in biomedicine, ranging from clinical issues to health research and emerging biotechnologies. Students will work with leading researchers in bioethics, health sociology and medical law, gaining a broad understanding of these different disciplinary perspectives and their application to current issues in health and medicine. They will have the opportunity to develop more specialised skills and knowledge in an area of their choice through a range of electives, and to apply these to undertake a research project.

The Usher Institute is home to a world-leading multi-disciplinary research cluster that investigates the social and ethical aspects of health and biomedicine, and that already contributes significantly to the undergraduate medical curriculum via the Health Ethics and Society strand. The Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society brings together scholars from the Usher Institute, School of Law and School of Social and Political Sciences to expand our programme of research and teaching. Our interdisciplinary approach combining ethics, law and social science provides a unique opportunity for students to explore the broader context of health care through the study of bioethics, law and social science approaches to biomedicine. Students will develop theoretical understandings and practical research skills in these areas that will enable them to address future social and ethical issues in relation to both their own practice as health care professionals, and biomedicine in society more generally.

Entry requirements

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Closing date

31 January 2022