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The University of Leeds is a World Top 100 University. You’ll be taught by leading scientists and clinicians who directly inform the curriculum from their new and exciting research. With state-of-the-art clinical facilities and infrastructure, we promote an environment that encourages and advances research with real-world impact. At Leeds, we want to help aspiring students tap into their potential. We are committed to attracting future leading researchers, like you.

Home to our tight-knit community of students from around the world, the Leeds campus offers a warm welcome and boasts superb extra-curricular opportunities. Along-side our stimulating academic environment, you’ll also have the chance to expand your personal interests and to sample life in a dynamic and diverse city.

Intercalating is your chance to discover what interests you both personally and professionally. It’s an opportunity to take stock, look beyond the core medical curriculum and turn your attention to specialist skills and topics. Intercalating in Applied Health (Medical Education) is an investment in your future career. With us, you will develop the transferable skills you need to help you complete your medical degree, and enter your chosen field.

Our Course

Medical education is an exciting specialty which is still relatively new. All doctors are now required to “reflect, learn and teach others” (GMC, 2009). The BSc in Applied Health (Medical Education) will help prepare you to become a medical educator of the future, whether in a clinical or university setting. You will be exposed to important issues and theories in medical education, develop medical education research skills and understanding, and gain valuable teaching practice and experience.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • appreciate the principles of educational theory and its practical application in learning, teaching, and assessment
  • demonstrate development of critical insight into a range of pedagogies for studying medical education
  • appreciate the importance of recent trends in medical education including its international dimensions, equity and social inclusion and access and participation in medical education
  • demonstrate teaching and assessment skills using a variety of approaches and demonstrate appropriate and timely application of these skills
  • demonstrate knowledge of the principles of qualitative and quantitative research methodology and their application to the design of educational research projects
  • demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and confidence to undertake future scholarship in the area of medical education
  • demonstrate understanding of medical education policy, changing trends in education nationally and internationally and the role of organisations such as the GMC
  • demonstrate understanding of how to become professional educators demonstrating professionalism.

Entry requirements

Medical students from other universities may apply for entry to intercalated undergraduate (BSc/BA) programmes of study offered at Leeds; please review individual course entry requirements.

Closing date

Midnight Sunday 22nd January 2023