University of Bristol

Biochemistry is a fascinating discipline which allows you to explore the molecular basis of biological systems. Bristol is one of the best places to study biochemistry in the UK, and the school has over 50 years of teaching and research excellence.

This course combines lectures, workshops, small-group tutorials, reading of primary literature and research projects. You will be supported throughout by a personal tutor.

A highlight of the year is your practical project, during which you will conduct original research in one of our world-class research laboratories. In addition to a wide range of wet-lab based projects, we also offer computer-based projects for students who wish to gain experience in the analysis of the large bodies of genetic and proteomic data being generated by modern high-throughput biological techniques.

Intercalators leave the course with a strong grounding in basic science and its application to disease states. You will also gain excellent communication skills developed through oral and written presentations, and the ability to critically evaluate experimental data and the conclusions drawn from them – skills that are highly valued by the medical sector and industry.

Entry requirements

You can study a BSc after two or more years of study on your professional programme. Please refer to the admissions statement on our intercalation website for full guidance on how your application will be assessed.

Closing date

The closing date for applications will be advised on the University of Bristol Intercalated degrees website.