University of Leeds

This course provides:

  • in-depth study of the medical aspects of biochemistry, one of the key biosciences upon which medical science is based
  • a choice of topics, relevant to medical biochemistry, for study within some modules
  • an individual supervised research project with an emphasis on medical aspects of biochemistry
  • teaching that draws on the combined expertise of a large and highly rated research-active department
  • study at the ‘cutting edge’ of research developments and subject applications in medical areas of biochemistry
  • opportunities to develop the skills to use scientific literature

The Intercalated BSc in Biochemistry in Relation to Medicine course provides an extended and more detailed study of biochemistry and molecular biology in order to understand the molecular basis of modern day medicine and its future advances in a rapidly changing world. The course aims to introduce you to ‘molecular medicine’, providing a sound training in research methods and appreciation of the scientific literature in a biochemical context.

The emphasis of the course is on mammalian biochemistry and features medically-relevant topics such as:

  • Techniques and applications of molecular biology
  • Control of gene expression
  • Combating viral diseases and drug resistance
  • Diabetes and heart disease
  • Genetic diseases
  • Molecular oncology – oncogenes & tumour supressors
  • Gene therapies
  • Cell communication
  • Biochemistry of the nervous system and neurodegeneration
  • Gene regulation during mammalian development

Tutorials on a variety of medically relevant topics are held and students are encouraged to attend the weekly research seminars presented by members of the School or visiting speakers. Background reading on each of the selected topics is provided by the individual lecturers on the course.

Entry requirements

Medical students from other universities may apply for entry to intercalated undergraduate (BSc/BA) programmes of study offered at Leeds; please review individual course entry requirements.

Closing date

27 January 2019