Cardiff University

The intercalated Pathology route focusses on infection, immunity and cancer biology. You will study in depth at the molecular and cellular level the mechanisms of how microbes cause disease and how our immune system protects us against these infections.

You will also study how our immune system can attack ourselves (auto-immunity) and how our own cells get dysregulated and cause cancers. You will also study how we can combat these diseases by modulating/helping our immune system.

Entry requirements

The School of Medicine applies certain selection criteria that external students should meet or surpass if they wish to be considered for intercalation. Applicants must have completed Year 3 or Year 4 of their medical degree. This is with the exception of the Emergency, Pre-hospital and Immediate Care Degree where applicants must have completed Year 4 of their medical degree. To have an application considered, an external candidate must be ranked in the top three deciles of their year cohort and must normally have passed all assessable elements of their examinations at first attempt. How to Apply: Students must make a formal application by the closing date and indicate their order of preference for up to three intercalated BSc subjects. Deadline for submission of application by email is early January please see website (link below) for specific information. Formal evidence from the candidate’s host Medical School is required at the time of application to guarantee academic results, together with a letter of release from the Dean or Intercalated Programme Director.

Closing date

Please contact the course provider.