University of Birmingham

The intercalated BSc in Clinical Anatomy is a one-year multifaceted programme. The course combines the academic study of anatomy with a practical focus on its influence, impact, and role in the clinical environment.

The importance of anatomy within contemporary clinical medicine has grown substantially, traditionally bound to surgical disciplines, the advancement of both imaging and novel interventions means that, more than ever, medical graduates require a strong grounding in anatomy.

This programme has been developed to allow students to study anatomy in greater depth, specifically in its clinical context, and to provide the platform to further investigate the role of applied anatomy in the understanding and management of disease. Uniquely, this programme allows students to improve their understanding of 3-dimensional anatomy through whole-body dissection, while exploring its application through clinical placements. The BSc Clinical Anatomy intercalation is a bespoke course made available to students between years 3 and 4, or years 4 and 5 of their Medical programme.

Entry requirements

Students studying medicine following successful completion of their third or fourth year and who will return to the fourth or fifth year of the Medical course on completion of the intercalation. The programme is not available before you have completed at least one year of clinical training.



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