Imperial College London

The BSc in Immunity and Infection allows a science-based study of the immune system in health and disease; in particular, diseases caused by infectious organisms, breakdown of peripheral tolerance and tumour formation. Building upon an understanding of the basic mechanisms underpinning microbial pathogenesis, immune activation, inflammation and tolerance. The course will cover host-pathogen interactions, immune evasion, vaccination, immune-mediated pathogenesis, autoimmunity and the immunological aspects of transplantation including approaches for the analysis of immune responses.This course will comprise three core teaching blocks, a self-directed learning block involving independent and group work, and a 14-week research project.

Entry requirements

  • You must be registered on a recognised Medical or Veterinary course at a UK or Irish university (other EU and overseas students are unfortunately not eligible)
  • You must have completed at least one year of that course before you apply to Imperial College i.e. you must be at least in Year 2 in 2023/24.
  • You must have at least one year of your degree left when you return to your home institution after your intercalated BSc.

Closing date

16:00 on Friday 1 March 2024.