University of Glasgow

Biochemistry concerns the study of proteins, nucleic acids, cellular organisation and energy metabolism and plays a central role in modern medicine both in its clinical practice and in the fundamental molecular understanding of the operation of the body in health and disease. Furthermore, modern Biochemistry underpins the development of therapeutic targets and understanding of their mechanism in pathophysiological states. All of the teaching places an emphasis on the development of key generic skills including report writing, data analysis, problem solving and oral communication, thereby complimenting other skills developed among the group of intercalated degree students in the common course.

Entry requirements

Applications from external medical and dental students are welcome. Please be aware that we expect admission through this route to be extremely competitive. Applications will be reviewed on their own merits and entrants would be expected to be of a similar standard to those intercalating from within Glasgow. Please note that places on specific specialist courses are limited and allocated on performance to date, therefore even if admission to the programme is successful you may not necessarily be guaranteed a place on your course of choice.

Closing date

The deadline for applications for entry in September 2023 is Tuesday 7th March 2023.