University of Glasgow

Students will be introduced to the principles of Pharmacology through in-depth investigation of specific areas of pharmacological interest and a research project assigned within MVLS which can be a practical project within an active research group. The degree will build on the expertise in pharmacology gained within the first years of the MBChB course and extend knowledge in specific areas of pharmacology to the forefront of research thinking. The degree will be based largely on the current Honours course in Pharmacology in the School of Life Sciences and involves 5-week options which can include:

  • Drug discovery and development
  • CNS Neurotransmission and Drug Development
  • Cardiovascular pharmacology and therapeutics
  • Molecular pharmacology

as well as options in

  • Physiology
  • Neuroscience
  • Anatomy
  • Other areas aligned to pharmacology

These options take up around 2 days per week and the remaining time will be devoted to a research project in the first semester which can be either laboratory- or non-laboratory-based (current non-laboratory-based projects include analysis/interpretation of data, library projects, computer-based and commercial projects). The second semester includes coursework on data analysis and presentation.

Entry requirements

Applications from external medical and dental students are welcome. Please be aware that we expect admission through this route to be extremely competitive. Applications will be reviewed on their own merits and entrants would be expected to be of a similar standard to those intercalating from within Glasgow. Please note that places on specific specialist courses are limited and allocated on performance to date, therefore even if admission to the programme is successful you may not necessarily be guaranteed a place on your course of choice.

Closing date

The deadline for applications for entry in September 2023 is Tuesday 7th March 2023.