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Physiology is concerned with how living organisms work. Its aim is to understand the underlying processes and mechanisms that operate in structures from single cells to the whole animal.

Physiology is re-emerging as one of the key medical sciences in this post-genomic era. The future of gene therapy depends on our full understanding of the physiological processes where such interventions will be targeted. ‘Physiological Genomics’ is a newly developing branch of physiology; proof, if any is needed, that physiology is alive and still breathing. Physiologists are now equipping themselves with molecular techniques and studying a host of different transgenic models. This course is ideal for anyone with an interest in understanding how the whole body works, rather than just individual components.

The emphasis in the physiology course is on mammalian and human physiology. The course provides a systematic coverage of the major organ systems of the body: cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine and other topics such as cellular physiology, mechanisms regulating the internal environment of the body, statistics, molecular techniques and immunology.

Students are introduced to a wide range of experimental techniques, as well as methods for analysing and presenting experimental results. “Several topics in physiology, selected from the School of Life Sciences Honours option scheme are covered in depth.” An important component of the degree course is a project carried out under the personal supervision of a member of staff.

Regular seminars are delivered by members of staff in which their own particular research interests are introduced. In addition, undergraduates can join the ‘Student Physiological Society’ which is directly affiliated to the professional society itself.

Entry requirements

Applications from external medical and dental students are welcome. Please be aware that we expect admission through this route to be extremely competitive. Applications will be reviewed on their own merits and entrants would be expected to be of a similar standard to those intercalating from within Glasgow. Please note that places on specific specialist courses are limited and allocated on performance to date, therefore even if admission to the programme is successful you may not necessarily be guaranteed a place on your course of choice.

Closing date

The deadline for applications for entry in September 2023 is Tuesday 7th March 2023.