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Experience an academic year working in emergency care and gain an intercalated degree at the same time with the BSc (Hons) in Urgent and Emergency Care. Learn skills that will enable you to work flexibly as a healthcare professional across traditional boundaries to meet the needs of the healthcare community, whilst developing as a competent and adaptive practitioner, with specialist and transferable skills.

You will explore opportunities to set up placements within your locality helping you with cost of living and development of important relationships in settings where you may like to work in the future. You’ll experience working in genuinely challenging clinical environments. You will also get prepare to lead teams in the future with a specific module on management and leadership, and practice skills that will be essential as you progress to becoming a consultant.

This programme has a modular design and a flexible ‘blended learning’ approach to delivery. Successful completion of the fourth year of your primary medical degree normally means you are eligible to accredit prior learning up to 60 credits via Accreditation of Prior (Experiential) Learning – please see the AP(E)L section of our website for further information on this process. You will therefore typically require just one of the optional modules (from the three available below) in addition to core modules UEC607 and UEC608 to achieve the BSc (Hons) in Urgent and Emergency Care. Please note: As a medical student intercalating, it is likely your prior learning will be accredited towards the ‘Understanding evidence to inform clinical decision making’ module HEAD360 (see APEL above).

Entry requirements

Given the nature of the placement element, the fact that you will be working in an emergency department environment, and the point of academic entry into the course we are only able to take medical students who have successfully completed their fourth year.

The opportunity to intercalate is open to any medical student supported by their medical school – you must have written permission to intercalate from your medical school and show evidence via transcript that you have completed clinical skills and research to the level normally expected of a fourth year undergraduate medical student. If you want to find out more about the opportunity to pursue a BSc (Hons) Urgent and Emergency Care course at Plymouth University please email the Professional Development Unit at

Closing date

9 January