The University of Liverpool

The Clinical Ophthalmology and Vision Science MSc programme is aimed at intercalating medical students and will provide you with the opportunity to develop in depth applied knowledge, clinical practice, research skills and professional behaviours in the connected fields of Clinical ophthalmology and vision science. In the core placement modules you will rotate through the specialist areas within the NHS Acute Trusts working within clinical teams to apply knowledge, perform and develop clinical skills and learn (and demonstrate) professional behaviours, in often high intensity situations.

You will learn about the scientific research leading to a greater understanding of vision, the mechanisms of disease leading to loss of vision and the transformative technologies being developed leading to new therapies and treatment strategies. Your engagement and progress will be assessed by portfolio, guided reflection, alongside separate research modules which are co-located in the clinical placement.

Through exposure to highly integrated practice across, the connected fields of clinical ophthalmology and vision science, you will gain a much deeper understanding of the ‘patient journey’ and the design and operation of NHS systems that deliver optimal care to patients with ocular conditions, including legal, ethical, governance and research components of wider clinical practice, ensuring deep understanding of the inherent linked nature of the specialties with authentic assessment and what the opportunities may be to treat patients in the future.

Entry Requirements

Successful completion of 3 years of a GMC recognised undergraduate basic medical education degree programme, with good academic progression and professional standing.

Closing Date

End of June or when place are full