Newcastle University

The taught component of the course includes training in research approaches relevant to the area of Evolution and Human Behaviour. You have the flexibility to develop your own bespoke course by selecting a set of three complementary modules. Recommended modules, include:

Comparative Cognition (MMB8043)
Sensory Systems (MMB8019)
The Biological Basis of Psychiatric Illness and its Treatment (MMB8010)
You will also participate in training in general research principles, and other professional and key skills.
The core module on the biological study of behaviour introduces the central questions related to Evolution and Human Behaviour research (adaptive consequences, proximate mechanisms, development, and evolutionary history) and the research methods associated with each.

Other relevant modules focus on:

Comparative cognition
Sensory systems
Psychiatric disorders and their treatment

Research-led seminars delivered by members of the Centre for Behaviour and Evolution cover evolutionary psychology areas such as:

Human mate choice
Altruism and cooperation
Food choices and obesity
Comparative and developmental psychology of cognition

Entry Requirements

This programme accepts both medical and dental students wishing to take a master’s degree as an intercalation. You will need to have successfully completed your third or fourth year of study.

Closing Date

There is no closing date for this course