University College London

The Integrated BSc (iBSc) in Cardiovascular Science provides undergraduate medical students with a rigorous foundation in the key knowledge and skills relevant to cardiovascular science and its application in clinical and healthcare settings. It gives a firm foundation for the MBBS year 4 Cardiology Module and provides career-enhancing prospects for those wishing to specialise in vascular physiology and cardiology, the latter being the most common medical speciality in the NHS Deanery.

The course is multidisciplinary covering emerging and exciting topics on diagnostics, advances in treatment and surgical intervention and devices in cardiovascular disease. World-leading biomedical scientists from departments and faculties across the School of Life and Medical Sciences at UCL teach on this course, including representatives from:

  • Institute of Cardiovascular Science
  • Divisions of Biosciences
  • Division of Medicine

With constant interaction between students and tutors, interactive and practical sessions are important features of the course. In many instances, students will have the flexibility to expand on an area that is of interest to them particularly through the research project that runs throughout the academic year, and which can either be laboratory or in silico based. This flexibility, along with interaction with internationally known, expert researchers and clinicians in the cardiovascular field will provide a varied and dynamic year. By the end of the course, students will be empowered with contemporary knowledge of different approaches and interventions that can be harnessed for a personalised medicine approach in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Entry requirements

Any 2nd year medical student with strong interest in cardiovascular health and disease is encouraged to apply. Those interested in applying should see the external candidates information page or contact the Education Officer.

You must be:

  • enrolled on a UK MBBS course.
  • successfully completed or about to complete 2 years of a UK MBBS course. If you are currently in your second year of study and you are successful in getting a place to study with us, a condition of your offer will be to pass your 2nd year of study.
  • It is at the discretion of individual iBSc programmes if they wish to accept students where they have completed more than two years of MBBS training. If you are made an offer, then successfully passing your current year of study will be made a condition of offer.
  • hold GCSE English Language and Mathematics at grade C or 5.
  • have achieved a minimum of ABB in your A levels or equivalent.

Closing date

Applications for external students will open in February and close at the end of March.