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The Intercalated BSc in Primary Care is an exciting opportunity for medical students to engage further with a general practice clinical experience via clinical placements, whilst also studying aspects of primary care in more depth and undertaking a research project. It aims to inspire doctors and health care leaders of the future and give an excellent generalist grounding to students planning a career in both general practice and other medical careers, equipping them with the skills necessary to lead integrated and innovative care.

The course is run by King’s Undergraduate Medical Education in the Community (KUMEC) and the School of Population Health and Environmental Sciences, which involves collaboration with the Departments of Global Health, Physiotherapy and Primary Care Research.

This programme is an optional component of the MBBS and hence has been designed to develop future doctors with enhanced skills in leadership, scholarship, teamwork and an excellent grounding

in general healthcare. As well as opportunities to improve clinical and consultation skills there is a focus on quality improvement, leadership, motivational interviewing and research, which are highly relevant and desirable in a wide range of specialties and professions. The academic aspect of the programme will develop and showcase your ability to research an area in depth and communicate this to the relevant audience; and there will be support with writing research papers and presenting at conferences which, again, are highly-desirable skills, providing an extra advantage in establishing a research career and in medical job applications.

Key benefits

· The clinical aspect of this course will provide practical opportunities to improve clinical and consultation skills.

· Focus on quality improvement, leadership, teamwork, as well as motivational interviewing skills which will be highly valuable for future careers.

· You will be encouraged to run own ‘health improvement’ clinics.

· Leadership skills will be mentored, coached and developed, linking the theory with practical experience.

· Wide range of research projects available from within the School of Population Health and Environmental Sciences.

· You will receive support towards writing research papers, posters and presentations at conferences, and our iBSc journal club will discuss seminal and relevant research papers to expand medical knowledge.

· Opportunities to learn more about healthcare systems in the UK and globally, history of the NHS, health inequalities and to develop teaching skills.

Find out more information on our Intercalated BSc pages.

Entry requirements

External students must have first time passes for years 1 and 2 and all SSCs.

For more information please see Kings College London’s intercalation page:

Closing date

28 January 2024