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Our Regenerative Medicine & Innovation Technology Intercalated BSc offers you the opportunity to study the fascinating and rapidly growing interdisciplinary field of regenerative medicine, which focuses on the repair, replacement or regeneration of tissues and organs. We combine this with Innovation Technology, which will teach you the practical skills you will need to run your own business or practice.

For more information, including details on how to apply, see our Intercalated BSc pages.

  • Learn vital skills in a cutting-edge field of medicine.
  • Develop practical skills for running your own business.
  • Leads to an intercalated BSc.
  • Learn from and work closely with experts in the field.


The science of regenerative medicine and, in particular, the design of intelligent biomimetic materials that are capable of interacting with their biological environment has been evolving rapidly in the last two decades. As a result, researchers from many fields are coming together to address exciting new challenges for replacing hard and soft tissues and essential organs with materials, scaffolds and medical devices. Regenerative medicine uses a combination of approaches, including biomedical materials science, gene therapy, stem cell transplantation and tissue engineering.

The Innovation Technology section of this course will teach you how to translate ideas into successful businesses. We will cover areas of employment law, accounting and business- plan writing, all of which you will need to set up and fund a medical business or even a dental or clinical practice.

The overall course is designed to develop key research-based skills and in particular prepare students interested in orthopaedics or dentistry with knowledge of this rapidly evolving science and industry.

If you are interested in Orthopaedics or Dentistry, you will find the Intercalated BSc in Regenerative Medicine & Innovation Technology an ideal course. It provides insight into biomaterial/cellular interactions through two required taught modules and a challenging research project. It provides an opportunity to become familiar with up-to-date peer-reviewed literature through course and project work, and to develop research techniques in this exciting field.

You will also have the chance to present your project work within the Department and possibly at conferences. Working side-by-side with PhD and postdoctoral students is an important experience and many of our students are able to contribute in some way towards research publications.

Entry requirements

External students must have first time passes for years 1 and 2 and all SSCs.

For more information please see Kings College London’s intercalation page:

Closing date

28 January 2024