The University of Edinburgh

The intercalated BMedSci in Global Health Policy gives medical students an opportunity to explore the determinants of health and health equity across the globe. With a strong emphasis on critical thinking and social justice, students will reflect on how health is distributed in different populations and how this is influenced by underlying structural, political, and economic factors. The programme examines how public policy is made, and considers the impact of different policies on population health. This includes the opportunity to explore different models for the financing and delivery of health care, including contemporary debates concerning the NHS.

Apart from being tremendously interesting in its own right, the broad understanding of health provided by the BMedSci GHP programme will benefit students in their future medical careers wherever, and in whatever specialty, they go on to practice. It enables students to appreciate global, national and local factors influencing the health of the populations they serve; to understand the health systems within which they work; and to be effective advocates for global health and health equity. The intercalated year also equips students with valuable transferable skills in critical thinking, appraisal of published research, working with data, written and verbal presentation, and project management.

While the intercalated year draws on understandings from the health sciences, students will be introduced to and become familiar with social science approaches to learning and thinking about health. The programme is particularly likely to appeal to students who enjoy critical thinking, discussion and debate, engaging with complexity and nuance, and the opportunity to consider issues from different perspectives.

Entry requirements

Successful completion of 2, 3 or 4 years of the medical programme course (1 or 2 years of a graduate entry programme). See our website for more information.

Closing date

Applications close in January of each year. Please see our website for further information.