Royal Veterinary College

The Intercalated BSc Bioveterinary Sciences programme is aimed at students with a strong interest in research. The programme allows you to develop your interests in scientific research and aims to equip you with a passion for biomedical research within the context of a diverse range of species, an appreciation of the fundamental principles of bioveterinary or biomedical disciplines, and an understanding of the complexity of comparative biology.An intercalated year allows Medicine and Veterinary Medicine students to gain an additional degree, focusing in a specific area relevant to their veterinary studies. Most students intercalate after their second or third year.The additional year of study means that you will gain a more rounded education, additional scientific context, and gain valuable experience in carrying out in-depth, original, research. After the intercalated year you will rejoin your original course, and continue from the point you left it.

Entry Requirements

Veterinary Medicine and Medicine undergraduates from any UK or EU Veterinary/Medical school are eligible to apply. Applicants will need to pass the year they are currently undertaking, and historical performance will be considered as part of the assessment.Internal applicants: Intercalation is normally considered for those completing Year 2, but applications from Year 3 will be considered with permission from the Student Progress Administrator.
External applicants: Applicants will need to obtain permission to intercalate from their parent institution. This can be uploaded with one’s application, or submitted post offer.

Closing Date

May for September entry