Royal Veterinary College

The Intercalated BSc Comparative Pathology is a one-year programme taught at our Hawkshead Campus with research projects undertaken at either the Hawkshead or Camden Campus depending on the project.

Pathology, the science of disease, is central to understanding and conduct of veterinary and biomedical research, clinical medicine and surgery. There is a need for veterinary scientists who are trained in pathology and pathology techniques to fulfil the ever-growing demand for such expertise arising from clinical practice, academia and industry.

The programme aims to:

  • develop an understanding of the disease process in animals and how it is assessed at the molecular level, in the cell, the organ, and the whole animal
  • show how contemporary technology is applied to dissecting and interpreting tissue responses in the pathological process
  • establish understanding of how pathology can be used for research and diagnosis
  • design experimental programmes appropriate for evaluating disease; to prepare and evaluate data; and to develop written and oral skills of communication

Entry requirements

Veterinary Medicine and Medicine undergraduates from any UK or EU Veterinary/Medical school are eligible to apply. Applicants will need to pass the year they are currently undertaking, and historical performance will be considered as part of the assessment.

Internal applicants: Intercalation is normally considered for those completing Year 2, but applications from Year 3 will be considered with permission from the Student Progress Administrator.

External applicants: Applicants will need to obtain permission to intercalate from their parent institution. This can be uploaded with one’s application, or be included in the offer conditions.

Closing date

May for September entry