Brighton and Sussex Medical School

The programme brings together experts from many disciplines within BSMS to deliver a vibrant programme offering a contemporary and critical approach to bioethics.

The course will address core issues in bioethics whilst also considering the frameworks and structures which shape bioethical discourse, including gender, coloniality, and global health. As such the course will empower students to engage with the bioethical challenges that medical, scientific, technological, and social changes will present in the future.

Key areas of study

  • Current issues and approaches in bioethics research
  • Feminist and anti-colonial bioethics
  • Solidarity in bioethics and society
  • Global bioethics
  • Ethical issues at the beginning and end of life
  • Philosophy and health
  • Ethics and normativity, or
  • Global politics of disease and biosecurity

Entry requirements

Please contact the course provider.

Closing date

August 2020.