Clinical Science research underpins every aspect of modern medicine. Clinical research and practice operate as quite separate entities, but it is now widely accepted that advanced research skills develop a greater depth of understanding in doctors – and have a hugely positive impact on their practice. Our Master’s course in Clinical Science is designed to enable practicing medical professionals to develop a mature approach to a specialist area of research.

We believe that an interested student is a motivated student, so we accommodate the full spectrum of clinical scientific research, letting you select and define the question you wish to pursue.

The programme includes four learning modules, but your Master’s dissertation will be your main focus throughout the year. As well as arming you with key research skills, which will prove invaluable to your career, we aim to instill a love of research in you, and to contribute positively to your future practice.

A listing of the research opportunities and mentors available can be found here.

Entry Requirements

Letter of support from your medical school for undertaking the degree with a guaranteed place to continue medical studies on completion of the MRes degree at UEA.

Closing date

30 July