University of Central Lancashire

The programme is designed to enable intercalating medical students and graduates to initiate a research career in key areas of medicine and bioscience in academia, health-care settings, or industry. It aims to provide high-quality training for real-life medical/biomedical research through a high-quality real-life experience.

The student will become an integral part of a single research group.  Besides other personal, social and professional opportunities within the School, Faculty and University, the student will become a member of the body of postgraduate students, with opportunities to benefit from and contribute to it.  In addition to a Director of Studies, the student will be supported by a supervisory team, as well as other School and University structures to ensure successful and satisfactory progression.

Entry requirements

  • Students should have completed 4 years’ of MBBS or MBChB or equivalent or have completed an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline.
  • Students should have IELTS 6.5 or equivalent.
  • Admissions interview required.

Closing date

Please contact the course provider.