University of Plymouth

This programme will empower you to confidently meet the clinical and logistical challenges of working in complex and unpredictable situations; overseas, in low resource settings, on expedition or within your UK practice. Gain the advanced knowledge, skills and leadership qualities to deliver quality care, interact with healthcare professionals in multicultural or resource constrained settings and ensure the best possible health outcomes for your unique patient population, whatever your location.

This programme has two pathways, both designed to complement the important and dynamic field of global health.

  • MSc Global Health (Leadership)
    The leadership pathway allows you to gain advanced knowledge and practice to become a global healthcare leader of the future.
  • MSc Global Health (Remote and Rural)
    The remote and rural pathway specifically builds skills for practising as a wilderness medic in some of the worlds most isolated locations.

Entry requirements

This programme is most applicable for medical, dental, nursing or allied health professionals or intercalating medical students between years 4 and 5 of their undergraduate course.

Closing date

31 March.