University of Southampton

The MSc in Global Health is a research-led, inter- and multi-disciplinary degree programme designed to provide comprehensive training on the principles, methods and research skills necessary to understand, interpret and solve critical global health challenges. A distinct feature of the MSc is the quantitative focus and the breadth of subject area covered in the core, compulsory and optional modules from demography, medicine, economics, geography, gerontology, statistics, health sciences, law and management.

In the context of growing globalisation, migration and rapid social change, a global approach to health has never been more important. Global threats come in many forms, such as the emergence of new infectious diseases, the rising incidence of obesity and the risks posed by climate change. In an increasingly interdependent world these complex problems require solutions that transcend geographic boundaries and draw on international and multidisciplinary collaboration to develop innovative responses.  The MSc offers the opportunity to explore these and many other issues of relevance and develop the skills to analyse and contribute to effective solutions.

A key feature of the MSc is the breadth of optional modules from demography, medicine, economics, geography, gerontology and statistics, which allows students to tailor their programme to individual needs and interests.

Entry requirements

Undergraduate medical students who wish to intercalate during their medical studies must have successfully completed at least three years of their medical degree and achieved 60% or above in all Year 3 assessments. We cannot accept students who will need to return to their medical studies before the end of Southampton University’s supplementary examination period (usually late August). We also require a letter of support from your personal academic tutor or Head of Programme to be included with your application.

Closing date

Please contact the course provider.