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The MSc in Health Data Science is aimed at students who wish to develop skills in statistics, computing, informatics and technologies for health research. This programme aims to provide the next generation of health data scientists with a unique set of statistical, computational and research skills to leverage information and tackle important public health problems, globally and locally.

Data science has critical applications across the health domain. The ability to use and develop technology and methodology to exploit data to inform decision making and drive policy to improve public health is far-reaching. These include ‘wearables’ that motivate people to adopt healthier habits and alert people to potential health issues, to intelligent systems that can use data to improve diagnostic accuracy, track disease progression and transmission and identify those most vulnerable to illness and disease.

The MSc in Health Data Science, consists of an initial set of 4 core modules: “Statistical methods and models for health research”, “Programming for Health Data Science”, “Fundamentals for Health Data Science” and “Introduction to applied epidemiology”. These will allow you to develop and consolidate foundational skills in the three main areas of Health Data Science: epidemiology, statistics and computer science. On completion of these modules, you will then progress onto one of two pathways: “Global health” or “Health informatics”.

The “Global Health” pathway further develops your skills in statistical science with a focus on spatio-temporal methods of analysis of infectious diseases and how these are used to inform health policy decisions. The modules of the “Health Informatics” pathway will focus on developing your knowledge and statistical skills in the analysis of routinely collected health data and in the economic evaluation of health care.

These two pathways will open you new career opportunities as a data-scientist of a multidisciplinary team within international and national public health organizations and health care providers.

Entry Requirements

2:1 Hons degree (UK or equivalent) in a relevant discipline including: Statistics, Epidemiology, Computer Science, Economics, Biomedical Sciences, Physical Sciences, or similar.

We may also consider non-standard applicants based upon experience and merit, please contact the Programme Director for information.

Closing Date

August annually