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Around the world, health care systems are being challenged to meet seemingly unlimited patient needs with constrained and limited resources. The MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy equips students to play a key role in resolving some of these challenges, to enable them to inform health care decision-making and policy formation.

The MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy is suitable for intercalating students who wish to improve their understanding of and skills in health economics and health policy. All doctors, regardless of their specialty, should have a sound understanding of how scarce healthcare resources can be allocated to best meet patient needs. By taking a year away from your clinical studies, you will step back to see the bigger picture of health care provision and get a better sense of decision-making processes in healthcare. The programme provides an introduction to the central issues in health economics and health policy related to the management of health care. The course does not require a first degree in Economics. Through the knowledge and analytic skills you develop, you will gain the critical insights and an evidence base from which to inform policy decisions.

The core modules of the MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy introduce students to the principles of health economics, develop methods and concepts in economic evaluation, and cover the full range of model types that are appropriate for use in Health Economic analysis. Students also analyse health care reforms and assess the contribution economics can make to policy evolution in key areas of health care provision, and gain training in advanced statistical approaches for Health Economics. As part of the MSc students also study optional modules from the suite that are offered within the Institute. The final component of the programme is a dissertation which allows the student to conduct a piece of research which is focussed on a topic that is of particular interest. There is a recognised shortage of health economics expertise globally and so students will develop skills that are in high demand. These specialist skills will be directly transferable to the work students will undertake in clinical practice.

The Health Economics Unit at the University of Birmingham brings together leading researchers in health economics, and the programme has a long and illustrious history, being one of the first programmes established in the UK (23 years ago). All of the lecturers share a commitment to improving healthcare decision-making and promoting optimal health outcomes both in the UK and globally.

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Entry Requirements

Applicants should be able to demonstrate that they have achieved an equivalent standard to a 2.1H / 1H degree so far on their medical programme.

Closing Date

Please contact our Intercalation team to make enquiries and apply.