Hull York Medical School

This Masters combines comparative anatomy, anthropology and archaeological study to investigate how the human body has evolved over time, and sheds light on the mechanisms behind the anatomy of our species. Our programme is designed by experts, to create experts. You will learn the most up-to-date tools, theory and practical insights from within the field.

By completing this programme, you will be able to understand in detail human anatomy and evolution, including the evolution of our closest relatives, the primates, with a particular focus on musculoskeletal anatomy and its interfaces with ecology and behaviour.

The course will equip you with knowledge and cutting edge practical experience required to interpret functional and evolutionary anatomy. You can gain hands on experience of virtual modelling techniques and have the option to gain practical knowledge of anatomy through dissection of human and non-human cadaveric material.

This programme is delivered by research-active subject experts in small teaching groups, with a high professor-student ratio – so you will benefit first-hand from their expertise and hone your research skills.

This programme is based in Hull York Medical School’s Centre for Anatomical and Human Sciences, which is located at the PalaeoHub on the University of York campus. We value our Masters students in our research community, and on joining this programme you will be welcomed into a supportive and collaborative research environment.

This distinctive Masters is an ideal option for graduates in archaeology, forensics, zoology and biology fields and intercalating medical students, who want to develop their understanding of how function and adaption have shaped our modern human form.

The course is highly relevant for those who want to reconstruct past human behaviours, those who are interested in learning biomechanical simulation and virtual modelling techniques which can be applied to future practice and research, and for anyone who wants to develop their skills as an independent researcher.

This programme is delivered on the University of York campus.

Entry requirements

A minimum of 3 years of successful MBBS or comparable medical qualifications is required.

Closing date

Please contact the course provider