Anglia Ruskin School of Medicine

The MSc in Human Anatomy offers a unique opportunity to expand your anatomy knowledge by undertaking full Thiel cadaveric dissection regionally as opposed to systematically. Dissections in the MSc programme are detailed with nine hours per week dedicated to gross anatomy dissection. You will also undertake an Advanced Anatomical Practices module which will encompass Forensic Anatomy, Anatomical Techniques, Clinical Anatomy and Pathology. Within the MSc in Human Anatomy, you will also be given a solid grounding in Anatomy research and will be given the opportunity to undertake research with anatomy academics and local NHS Trusts. Successful completion of the course will give you a solid grounding in anatomy, allowing you to work as an anatomical teacher/demonstrator and as a solid foundation for further research.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for intercalating at ARU:

We welcome applications from medical students who will have completed at least 3 years of study. The timing of your entry into an intercalated scheme will be dependent on your host medical school’s policy.

For more information on the course and details of how to apply, please contact the course lead, Amanda Hunter (

Closing Date

31st January 2022