University of Nottingham School of Medicine

The objectives of the MSc are to provide:

  • Sound knowledge and understanding of core areas of occupational psychology
  • Practical application skills relevant to the above areas
  • Competence to practise independently in occupational psychology

Through our comprehensive programme, which includes workshops on Consultancy Skills and opportunities for Test-User Training, you will have the facility to develop practical skills fundamental to your future career development.

As a BPS accredited masters degree, the Occupational Psychology MSc is focussed on the BPS designated five main areas of importance:

  1. Learning, training and Development
  2. Psychological Assessment at work
  3. Leadership motivation and engagement
  4. Wellbeing and work
  5. Work design, organisational change and development

Also in accordance with the BPS regulations, the following aspects of the course feature prominently:

  • Research design, advanced data gathering and analytical techniques
  • Applying psychology to work and organisations

Entry requirements

Please contact the course provider.

Closing date

Please contact the course provider.