University of Leicester

The iBSc (Psychology) is an optional extra year of study in which you can take a break from medical learning and broaden your horizons, drawing on the expertise of academics in the University of Leicester’s College of Life Sciences. You will have the opportunity to research a psychology-related subject which is important to you, and to produce work which may lead to poster presentations at conferences or even publication in medical journals.

An intercalated BSc is an unparalleled opportunity for you to study something in depth without the daily pressures of the medical curriculum. You can take a step back after the first two or three years of your Medical Degree, reflect on how far you have come, and look to your future career. With an intercalated BSc you will have an additional qualification, and additional knowledge and experiences that will be to your advantage when you are applying for jobs or further training.

At Leicester we offer two different ways to study for an intercalated BSc so you can choose one that suits your strengths and aspirations: the iBSc (Psychology) or the iBSc (Biomedical Science).

Entry Requirements

To apply for the iBSc you must already be studying for a Medical Degree at Leicester or another UK university, and must have passed all your exams before commencement.

Closing Dates

31 August 2022